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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

VeggieTales Birthday Party!

My boys are big VeggieTales fans so my husband and I decided to go with a VeggieTales theme for their joint birthday party this year. I didn't want to go over-the-top cutesy so I tried to incorporate a little bit of an organic feel along with the bright, fun VeggieTales characters and colors. Here's a quick look at the party details.

I had the most fun working on the seed packet party invitations! I love how they turned out. I designed, printed and assembled them myself and happened to have some extra glossy paper in my random stash that was perfect for achieving the seed packet look and feel. On the front, I put fun facts about each of my boys (they both had their own separate seed packet invitation), on the back was the fill-in-the-blank invitation and inside were a few pictures of the boys from this past year. The flap says, "Look inside to see how much we've grown this year!"

Food details: My mom and I worked on the 2 cakes together: Bob the Tomato was a homemade carrot cake and Larry the Cucumber was a boxed chocolate cake with chocolate pudding added to it. Other food and drinks served were: cucumber water, V8 Splash, caprese salad, homemade hummus with pita chips and veggies, a fruit tray with homemade fruit dip, homemade french fries and popcorn with assorted seasonings. Notice I had to include cucumbers and tomatoes in there to go along with the VeggieTales theme! :)

Decor details: I didn't get to put together the favors I wanted since I was sick the week leading up to the party so we ended up handing out carrot shaped chocolate Lindt bars that I put in a cute little basket full of fake grass with a sign that read, "Thank you for helping us grow!". I also wrapped up orange and green forks and spoons in bright orange napkins, to make them look like carrots and had them in another basket full of fake grass. My husband made the big cutouts of Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber (who's the artist in the family!?) and I thought they turned out super cute!

Overall, the kids were focused on the massive amount of balloons filling the room. They had a blast (no pun intended) trying to pop the balloons, filling up the pack n play and jumping into the overflowing pile of balloons. They all had a great time, playing and I'd say the party was a success!


Melissa Haynes said...

So CUTE!! I'm hiring you to do my kid's parties in the future. ;)

Jan Davenport said...

It was a party to remember. So much fun!

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